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See the Striper Squirrel in Action!!! see more videos...


The erratic walking, spitting, diving action of the new wood Striper Squirrel gets 'em every time! Watch this video to see for yourself!




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Reinventing Topwater Fishing!


Mice, Squirrels and Lizards catch BIG FISH! These beautiful handcrafted wooden lures and handpoured soft plastic lizards consistently outperform their mass-produced competition on the water. Spaz the Mouse has a unique walking action and highly reflective finish that will entice even the deepest and most lethargic fish. All of our mice are constructed with saltwater–grade hardware and a durable epoxy finish.


The Lunker Lizard is a Trophy Bass Magnet that is hand poured with incredible detail! It can be fished on the surface or like a slow-sinking jerkbait.  Our secret soft plastic recipe allows this the Lunker Lizard to sink very slowly and level.  Give the line a twitch on the drop, watch the legs kick and tail swim, and hold on tight!!! You can see its crazy action in this video! We recommend texas rigging with a 5/0 Gamakatsu Offset EWG Worm Hook.  These Lizards also make great BED STOMPERS during the spawn!  Build your own body color/flake combos on our store!!!



Check out the new Lunker Lizard Product Video before you buy!!!





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Striper Squirrel - White

By JD Richey - California


"I was immediately impressed with the action of the bait. You can easily walk the dog with it and, due to the density of the wood, the Squirrel glides further than do plastic lures. I was able to walk it with the classic zig-zag pattern but I thought it was a bit more erratic than a Spook — an attribute I feel is really important. In my mind, the more unpredictable the action, the better the fish like the bait."


Read the full product review at

Spaz the Mouse Review Fishhhound



Lunker Lizard (Electric Blue/Blue Flake)

By Sydney - Florida


"hey I gotta tell ya, those lunker lizards are the most productive baits I've bought, the first time I used them I got like 5 fish"

Spaz the Mouse Review Fishhhound



Lunker Lizard

Jordan Pitts - Alabama

"I fell in love with these baits after throwing my very first one!"



Lunker Lizard (Watermelon/Red Flake)

By Mike - Napa, CA


"John, just wanted you to know that I threw your watermelon lizard at a pond by Berryessa. First cast a fish, and then several more until they ripped it to shreds. I like the lizard!"

Spaz the Mouse Review Fishhhound



Lunker Lizard (Electric Blue/Blue Flake)

By Nick Carter- South Carolina


"hey I gotta tell ya, those lunker lizards are the most productive baits I've bought, the first time I used them I got like 5 fish"

Spaz the Mouse Review Fishhhound



Spaz the Mouse (White)

By Tim Hine -


"I was really surprised when I opened the box because hand carved baits are really hard to duplicate and balance. This topwater bait has an internal rattle...great quality paint and good hooks. Everything about it is actually very surprising, to be honest. There aren't a lot of wood topwater baits that really get me excited, but I really liked this and wanted to give it a try!"

Spaz the Mouse Review Fishhhound



Spaz the Mouse (Gray) 

By Jamie -


"A good old wood lure. It has good color and I really like the feather tail. The weight placed in tail gives it great action. Good quality top water lure."



Spaz the Mouse (Gray) 

By Dontrell -


"its very well made and has really good color when u use this top water u will be amazed at the reaction of bass when they see this glide on top of the water."

Spaz the Mouse Review Fishhhound



Spaz the Mouse (Natural) 

By Christopher -


"I was really surprised at the success I had with this lure on my first outing with it. I got into a school of striped bass that were feeding on thredfin shad close to the surface in January. After picking up a few on a swimbait, I chunked my Spaz the Mouse out there and BOOM!! I didnt work the bait no further than 20 feet each cast before I would hook up."




Spaz the Mouse (Gray) 

By Luke -


"This is my favorite mouse lure I have ever used. It has really great walk the dog action. I love the feather on the treble hook it looks like a real tail in the water. Great lure.."

Spaz the Mouse Review Fishhhound





Spaz the Mouse (Gray) 

By Francois -


"Awesome topwater lure, Great Quality , very Mouse-like realistic. unique hand made lure with a great design and awesome paint color. Been Very effective for top water Smallmouth :) ."




Buzz the Mouse (White)

By Joshua -


"By far, the best top water/buzz bait ever used. Never had much success with conventional buzz baits, but boy did this product change my perspective. Not only did i catch more fish, i caught better size fish. This buzz bait was so easy to use, just threw it out and reeled it in and WHACK, fish on. Work well on steady retrieve fast or slow, and a couple of twitches while reeling also produced well. I used it on a 6' 6" medium action baitcasting set up, and boy did it fly when it was casted."



Spaz the Mouse (Gray) 

By Maclovio


" This little mouse works great, on the third cast I hooked up a one pound bass in Silverwood Lake, CA. This weekend, nothing big, but it works great. Great walking action too. "

Spaz the Mouse Field Mouse Lure



Spaz the Mouse Size 2 (White) 

By Glen


"Another great fish using spaz the mouse. Thanks again to aiden james lures. It was just under 7 pounds and 22 1/2 inches."

Spaz the Mouse Field Mouse Lure



Spaz the Mouse Size 2 (White) 

By Glen "Spaz the Mouse is awesome!"


"Spaz the Mouse is the $#!+!!! got mine in the mail the other day and the largemouth hammer that thing like i never seen before. ive had a few come out of the water over a foot when they hit. I got 7 total most were 2-3 lbs and one over 4 lbs. plus another 10 or so that didnt get the hook."

Spaz the Mouse Field Mouse Lure



Aiden James Lures- Spaz the Mouse (Black) 
By Bill
I am so excited for this season. I have decided to try new lures and I have never tried mouse looking lures before. I set up along a cove with a steep ledge hoping that the fish would think something fell in giving them a meal. I tried that for about an hour with no luck. The water clarity was very good and I was able to see a few fish about 10 to 15 feet down. I stayed patient hoping they would bite and finally about a half hour later after a few more casts I caught the attention of a three pounder. The hooks were of high quality and I had no problem setting the hook. Score one for me and Spaz




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