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Where did Spaz the Mouse come from?



'Spaz the mouse' all started one spring day when I was in my garage painting foam bass popper flies with my five year old son. I noticed him sitting on the garage floor sanding a small block of wood. He had a hook and a feather sitting next to him. I asked him what he was making and he said he was building a mouse fishing lure for his Spiderman fishing pole. He worked on it for a while by himself, soon got frustrated and then asked for my help, so we went inside and printed a picture of a field mouse from the computer. I got the belt sander out, and did my best to shape the wood like the picture. I drilled a hole in the rear and put a weight in, so it would swim tail-down. We quickly painted the wooden lure like the picture, attached the hook and feather tail and put it in the tackle box. My son was satisfied, so I went on with what I was doing and forgot all about the mouse.


A few weeks later, we were out fishing and noticed a huge bass sitting near the shore. I threw everything in my tackle box at this fish and it just sat there, perfectly still. I tried senkos, grubs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, swimbaits, and topwater lures of every kind and NOTHING. I started to wonder if this huge fish was sick or dead, then I saw the little mouse lure that my son and I had made at the bottom of my box. As a last resort, I sprayed the mouse down with some shad scent and threw it in the water. As soon as it landed the bass curiously moved to take a look at what had fallen in the water. I twitched the mouse a couple of times, the fish snuck up to the surface and then, BOOM! In a huge splash of primal aggression, and without hesitation, the bass inhaled this little mouse lure. I reeled this monster in, got my mouse back, and went straight home to make ten more. The months that followed were pure excitement. Nothing could match the catching power of these mice. Almost every cast would produce a huge blow-up, and usually a fish. I started sharing them with my friends and now you can get one too! Still handcrafted, and still amazing, I rarely fish with anything else!


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There are so many aspects of this sport that have drawn me in over the years including the challenge, mystery, and creativity, but what I love the most is the people that I share it with.